Facts of Interest About T.T.C.S.


  1. To foster Christian community where spiritual growth and discipleship are integrated with academic studies;
  2. To facilitate: encounter with the triune God; commitment to God's will; and  dedication to proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ;
  3. To encourage discovery of and responding to signs of God's activity in the midst of traditional and contemporary expressions of Taiwanese culture;
  4. To equip clergy and laity for effective witness to Christ's salvation and the quest for the fullness of life in a just and free society.


Tainan Theological College and Seminary was established in 1876 by Dr. Thomas Barclay, only eleven years after the first British Presbyterian missionaries and Fukienese evangelists arrived in Taiwan.  This is the oldest theological school on the island.  For most of its history it was small but highly regarded.  After World War II the faculty and student body grew and the school developed an international reputation in undergraduate and graduate theological education


Currently approximately 300 students are enrolled in the schools programmes. Most are from Taiwan, and a few come from other parts of the world. Half of the students are women.  A 200 reside on campus. Many of the more than 20 full-time faculty members hold Ph.D. degrees. Most in the community are affiliated with the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, but the school maintains an ecumenical theological perspective and supportive relationships with other churches.

Contextual Theology, Liturgy and Music

When Dr. Shoki Coe was appointed president in 1949 contextuality became a central concern. The institution continues to promote research into indigenous forms of theological reflection and creative explorations of Taiwanese and Asian expressions of worship and music. Tainan Theological College and Seminary remains a unique centre for such studies.


Programmes of Study

A. Graduate School Programs:

  1. Doctor of Theology (Th.D.) is offered in conjunction with the Southeast Asia Graduate School of Theology.
  2. Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) An advanced programme of ministerial studies for clergy.
  3. Master of Theology (Th.M.) A two-year programme for seminary graduates in conjunction with the Southeast Asia Graduate School of Theology.
  4. Master of Theology (Th.M) taught in English. A one-year programme for seminary graduates.
  5. Master of Divinity (M.Div) A three-year programme for college graduates.
  6. Master of Arts in Religion (M.A.R.) A programme for college or seminary graduates. Campus residence not required and part-time study is an option.
  7. Master of Arts in Religion with a Concentration in Social Work (M.A.R.S.W.) A programme for college graduates in Christian Social Work.
  8. Master of Arts in Church Music (M.A.C.M.) A programme for college graduates in the field of Church Music.

B. Other Advanced Graduate Studies:

An exchange programme for international students taught in English is offered in conjunction with the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan and the Council for World Mission

C. Undergraduate and Combined Programmes

1.      Bachelor of Arts in Religion (B.A.R.) and Master of Divinity (M.Div.) A seven-year programme for high school graduates preparing for ordained ministry in the church.

2.      Bachelor of Arts in Religion (B.A.R.) with concentrations in Christian Social Work or Church Music.  A four-year programme for high school graduates preparing for professional or lay ministry.


D.. Lay Theological Studies:

Courses offered off campus or at the Shoki Coe House for lay leaders and congregations who wish to advance practical theological education for ministries in and through the church

Current Developments

1.      In order to advance this school as an international centre for theological studies, prominent scholars and researchers from around the world are regularly invited to expand the scope and fruit of research done here.

2.      To accommodate the above named work, the Shoki Coe House was refurbished and dedicated for use as a mission training centre.

3.      In cooperation with Chang Jung Christian University the Formosa Christianity and Culture Research Centre was established on 16th February 2004.

4.      A regional office was opened in Taichung City in 2003

5.      A satellite campus is in development on college-owned land in Kaohsiung County.

 We Need You

l      To commend talented people to study at Tainan Theological College and Seminary

l      To pray for our school

l      To contribute toward our educational endeavors

An Appeal for Donations

TTCS prayerfully solicits donations from churches and individual supporters for our varied financial needs.  We offer structured options for churches and individuals to become partners in our ministry.

I.                   Donations for Infrastructure Development and Maintenance

1.      TTCS Sunday. A church can name a Sunday TTCS Day to pray for and contribute to various ministries.

2.      Free will undesignated contributions in any amount are gratefully received.

3.      Join a Friends Circle

a.       Friends of TTCS Category A: NT$500/month

b.      Friends of TTCS Category B: NT$300/month

c.       Friends of TTCS Category C: NT$100/month

d.      Friends of Shoki Coe: NT$5,000/month or a one-time gift of NT$500,000

e.       Friends of Thomas Barclay: NT$10,000/month or a one-time gift of NT$1,000,000

4.      The Partners Fellowship.  Churches and individuals are invited to join the Partners Fellowship by making budgeted contributions.

a.       Become a Partner of TTCS by contributing NT$100,000 a year

b.      Become a Sponsor of TTCS by contributing NT$50,000 a year

c.       Become a Supporter of TTCS by contributing NT$30,000 a year

II.                Designated Giving

1.      Scholarship grant for PCT sponsored candidates: NT$27,000/semester

2.      Scholarship grant for an international student: NT$300,000/year

3.      Grant towards the living expenses of an international student: NT$100,000/year

4.      Support for the international Visiting Scholar Programme: NT$350,000/year

5.      Named Chairs for Senior Professors: NT$1,500,000/year. Donors are encouraged to set up endowments for payment towards this end.

6.      Student Scholarships. Donations in any amount are gratefully received.

7.      Other designated donations.

 Donations can be made to Tainan Theological College and Seminary via

 Account Number 55015480, Citibank, N.A. Tainan Branch,.

 Tainan City, Yung Fu Road, Section 2 #83, TAIWAN

 For further information, please contact:

Tainan Theological College and Seminary

117 Tung-men Road, Section 1, Tainan, TAIWAN

TEL:886-6-237-1291  FAX:886-6-234-6060